teaching programme

teaching programme

How does it work?

The teaching programme ranges from the most general topics on self-observation to the most important themes on the specific inner functioning of each person in the light of all the associated matters.

In addition to the weekly online meetings and the themes proposed in the handouts sent to the students month by month, there are several in-depth retreats students can attend, lasting 3, 5 or 7 days. These opportunities are either on specific themes or activities where the students can discuss the ideas proposed by the school, with the assistance of school’s founder and the certified trainers, 24 hours a day.
Furthermore, students will be able to practice the theory learned, through specific tools available to develop their capacity for attention, willpower and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Attending the retreats is optional, although it is strongly recommended. In fact, through direct contact with the school’s founder students can intensify and speed up the work on themselves to produce greater balance, especially in using their sensory faculties. It is no coincidence that a large part of the work is about developing sensitivity. In fact, students will be able to dedicate time to do practical and concrete exercises aimed at unblocking mechanisms, limits and inhibiting beliefs. These tasks are always carried out under the direct control of those in charge of the school.

Every twelve months, the students are interviewed by the school’s founder to get access to the following year. On this occasion, Master verifies their learning journey and the tools and knowledge acquired during the year to give them access to more advanced tools and knowledge.

Every last day of the month, all students are asked to write a simple, short report on the progress of their studies and how they deepened the themes provided: this allows them to recalibrate, redesign and revise their activities within the school, before paying the monthly fee for participation in the training course, to confirm with full awareness their desire to continue along the path they have started.

School themes

First year

  1. Mechanics and Identification;
  2. The centres and the machine;
  3. The multiplicity of I’s, Will and Attention;
  4. The Observation;
  5. The First, Second and Third Worlds (or Own World);
  6. Shock absorbers, Buffers and Justifier Module;
  7. Negative Emotions;
  8. The formatory apparatus and the secretary;
  9. The types of man;
  10. The 5 words: Order, Cleanliness, Balance, Harmony, Beauty;
  11. A, B, and C Influences;
  12. The states of consciousness and the 9 steps

Second Year

  1. The Meditation of Presence;
  2. The observation, the observer, the witness;
  3. Subjective Life and Real Life;
  4. Self-horror and Holy War;
  5. The Law of Manifestation;
  6. The Law of Time;
  7. The Enneagram;
  8. Making Oriented Efforts;
  9. Essence and personality;
  10. The False Personality;
  11. The Limiting Beliefs;
  12. Having a Goal.

Third year

  1. What Evolving means;
  2. Forgiveness;
  3. Emptiness and Silence;
  4. Relaxation, Meditation, Concentration, Prayer;
  5. The law of cosmos and the correct positioning;
  6. The psychological types;
  7. The hydrogen chart;
  8. Learning to discern;
  9. The 4 bodies;
  10. The sexual energy;
  11. The Will;
  12. The Creative Word and the Mantra.

Fourth Year

  1. The Inner Discipline;
  2. Overcoming One’s Limits;
  3. Exercising Patience;
  4. The Shortcuts to Evolution;
  5. How to Become Free;
  6. Serving the Common Good;
  7. Being part of a Work Group;
  8. Sacred Doing;
  9. Choosing Your Destiny;
  10. Becoming Blind, Deaf, Mute;
  11. Being Children of the Great King;
  12. Lighting the Flame of Love.